Member and Sponsorship Policy Update

Following a comprehensive process outlined in the attached update, CMI is moving into the final phase of development of its Member and Sponsorship Policy, consistent with CMI’s 2025 Accelerating Climate Action Strategic Plan launched last November.

Throughout late 2023, we sought member feedback on our final draft policy, accessible here. This draft includes the full policy in the Appendix section, as well as relevant background information and details on the process.

While all members are encouraged to develop climate transition plans, this policy focuses on the development of such plans by large “full” members of CMI (individuals, partnerships or corporations with revenue over $5 million) by mid-2025.  CMI has already reached out to designated lead contacts at large full members to detail the key changes.

Until the final policy comes into effect, the interim policy (as amended) will continue to apply for new membership applications and event sponsorship. While the interim sponsorship requirements will continue to apply through till mid-2025, it will not impact other CMI member benefits in this intervening period.


The Board will consider feedback, and agree and announce the final policy in early 2024. CMI will also develop a guidance note to support member implementation of the policy, to be shared mid-2024 ahead of mid-2025 policy implementation.

Throughout this period, CMI’s activities (including Corporate Climate Leadership Working Group meetings) will include a focus on relevant guidance benchmarks to support the implementation of the policy.

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