Code Signatories bearing the Foundation Signatory or Signatory brandmark are supporting best practice integrity, transparency and accountability in Australia’s carbon industry.

Benefits for Signatories

Signatories to the Code enjoy a range of market-facing benefits, including enhanced reputation, visibility, and eligibility to access funding through various state government funding schemes and competitive tender processes.

Through the Code Administrator, Signatories access education and guidance to support their ongoing compliance and management of their Signatory status – and are able to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Code its operations.

Become a Signatory

Become a market leader in Australia’s carbon industry.

By becoming a signatory to the Code, you are supporting the carbon industry’s vision of achieving a well-functioning carbon industry in Australia at the scale required to significantly contribute to emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Complying with the Code

A Signatory to the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct agrees to meet the best practice carbon industry standards outlined in the Code, which include general principles in their dealings with clients or other stakeholders, pre-project activities and project activities. Signatories must also use the Code brand mark appropriately.

A Signatory to the Code also agrees to meet the compliance, record keeping and reporting requirements under the Code including the submission of an annual report at the end of each compliance year.

Compliance & Reporting

Signatories must comply with their obligations under the Code and Code guidance, including to develop and conduct their business in line with industry best practice and reporting general compliance as well as breaches in a timely and transparent manner.

Handling Complaints

As a Signatory to the Code, if you receive a complaint, you are required to be responsive and deal appropriately with clients and other consumers in a timely manner. You are also required to have a fair, efficient and transparent internal complaints handling procedure.

Breaches & Appeals

Breaches of the Code by Signatories, enforcement of compliance action, and Code Review Panel appeals processes are treated seriously by the Administrator, who undertakes its decision-making in a fair, transparent and evidence-based manner.

Report a Breach

If you think the Code has been breached, please contact the Code Administrator.

As a Signatory, if you suspect that you, or another Signatory, may have breached the Code, make sure you notify the Administrator and follow the breach reporting process.