​The CMI is committed to building the capacity and expertise necessary for a decarbonised economy. The transition to net-zero and net-negative emission economies represents considerable challenges and requires continued development of capacity and expertise. One way in which we are supporting this is through our growing education and training program.

Carbon Farming - Banker Training

The Carbon Market Institute’s Market Readiness initiative supports a targeted program of engagement with the finance and investment sector. Its purpose is to address concerns and broaden understanding of land sector potential for carbon farming, natural capital outcomes and nature-based solutions to de-risk investment and unlock finance opportunities. 

Through this training program, CMI is seeking to increase finance institutional engagement and investment in carbon farming through capacity-building, knowledge sharing and industry-specific training & education resources. 

This online, interactive training program has been developed to strengthen the understanding of bankers, and the broader finance and farming community, regarding carbon farming in Australia including the key risks and opportunities involved and the role of bankers in providing consent and facilitating participation of their customers.