Signatories to the Code of Conduct have agreed to conduct their business in line with the Code requirements.

Do you have a complaint?

If you believe a Signatory has breached the Code, you are encouraged to raise this first with the Signatory in question if it is appropriate to do so. The Code’s consumer complaints process is outlined below.

Raise complaint with the Signatory

Once a Signatory receives your complaint they are expected to investigate the issue, and provide you with feedback on their investigation within 21 days.

If the Signatory requires additional time, they are expected to inform you and the Code Administrator of this, and complete their investigation within 45 days of your original complaint. Signatories are expected to separately inform the Code Administrator that they have received a complaint.

Raise complaint with the Administrator

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Signatory, you may register your complaint with the Code Administrator using the Complaint Form below. Additionally, if you are unable to raise the complaint with the Signatory in the first instance (due to commercial, legal or other reasons), you may notify the Code Administrator of your complaint about the Signatory without having notified the Signatory first.

The Administrator will notify you that your complaint has been received within 3 business days. The complaint will be assessed and the confidentiality of your complaint will be ensured, in line with the Administrator’s Complaints Handling and Breaches Procedure below.

Raise complaint with other bodies

You may also contact your relevant consumer protection body. If you do, you can notify the Code Administrator that you have done so, using the Client Complaint Form below.

Any complaints submitted to the Administrator that are not applicable to the Code of Conduct will be redirected to the complainant or to the relevant consumer protection body. Contact details of relevant national and state consumer protection bodies can be found at the end of the Code of Conduct v2.0 document, or on the Resources page.

Report your Concern

If you think a Code Signatory has breached the Code or have a complaint against a Signatory, you can report your concern to the Code Administrator.

The Code Administrator is responsible for investigating potential complaints and breaches of the Code.