CMI's research program

Through our research agenda, the CMI informs discourse regarding the urgent need to deploy zero and negative emissions technologies and the optimal use of carbon markets. Through our research outputs the CMI:

  • informs more ambitious policy, commitments and practice,
  • accelerates corporate and industrial emission reductions alongside whole-of-economy reductions and removals and
  • advances high integrity carbon crediting frameworks that deliver enduring co-benefits.

Carbon Farming Scorecard

In 2022, the inaugural Carbon Farming Scorecard was launched. This scorecard represents the most comprehensive analysis to-date of Australia’s carbon farming policy frameworks. The report found that while Australia has strong frameworks able to foster a world-leading industry, there is a need for greater policy ambition & leadership, as well as an ongoing focus on integrity and stronger alignment with private finance.

Australian Business Climate Survey

The Australian Business Climate Survey gauges the attitudes of Australian business and industry to understand views on international and domestic policy, carbon markets and pricing, and corporate climate risk, disclosure and strategy. The 9th annual edition of this survey was launched in 2022.