The Code’s Government Partners and Industry Supporters are committed to supporting the Code as a third party assurance system for Australia’s carbon industry.

Government Partners

Government Partners use the Code as a third party assurance framework that supports subnational carbon market development and funding schemes. Find out how the Administrator engages with its partners, and how you can join the Code’s Government Partner Network.

Industry Supporters

As a new offering for the Code, the Industry Supporter program offers demand-side (buy-side) entities with the opportunity to contribute to critical market development activities, and support increased integrity, transparency and accountability in Australia’s carbon industry.

Contact the Administrator

The Code Adminstrator engages informally with a wide range of informal stakeholders including federal and state governments; community representative and advocacy groups; and regulatory bodies including the Clean Energy Regulator and ASIC.

The Administrator welcomes engagement with any and all stakeholders, for the purposes of receiving market intelligence, knowledge sharing and commercial interaction. If you would like to get in contact with the Administrator, you can connect via the various complaints handling forms throughout the Code website, or by email at