Driving Policy Action and Ambition

CMI develops independent, non-partisan, evidence-based and pragmatic policy positions through engagement with its members and broader industry. This engagement includes direct conversations, CMI hosted forums, and surveys as well as through its governance, working group and taskforce structures. CMI works constructively with governments to encourage clear, longer-term priorities and enabling policies that support businesses to deliver climate action at scale.

CMI promotes the importance of both public and private sector engagement in climate solutions. It develops public policy priorities as well as priority activities in supporting voluntary corporate engagement to boost effective domestic, regional and global carbon markets. CMI recognises that market mechanisms will need to be integrated with, or support, a broader policy toolkit requiring targeted sectoral approaches to achieve a just and sustainable transition with the urgency required.

What we do

CMI engages with political leaders, departments, regulators and agencies to develop pragmatic, market based, public policy. In addition to more formal policy submissions, CMI facilitates working groups, taskforces and other forums to provide educative and constructive dialogue with policy makers across the political spectrum.

CMI’s industry facilitation also enables capacity building and sharing of knowledge amongst corporate and associate members. This engagement, industry surveys and detailed research and analysis of international trends and best practice supports the development of public policy priorities as well as priority activities in supporting voluntary corporate engagement in domestic, regional and global carbon markets.

CMI provides up-to-date, credible information through fact sheets, briefings, reports, monthly updates and regular international briefings. CMI supports delegations to COP and UNFCCC meetings with key takeaway analysis after each meeting.  CMI works with regional and international partners to develop best practice policy and engagement in carbon markets.


CMI brings together government and industry to create lasting market-based solutions.

We engage with national, international and state governments, to advise on policy frameworks that increase private sector investment in the net-zero transition. We engage with our members in the development of submissions, ensuring highly informed business voices are heard and valued.