Who we are

CMI is an independent, member-based institute accelerating the transition to net zero emissions. Our focus is to:

  • Build capacity and opportunities through inclusive engagement and education.
  • Facilitate best practice and integrity in decarbonisation strategies, investments, carbon projects and market participants.
  • Develop and support policy and regulatory frameworks aligned with UNFCCC Paris Agreement climate goals.

Our mission

Accelerate the use of market-based solutions and support best practice in decarbonisation to limit warming to 1.5C

Our vision

A prosperous negative emissions, nature positive world

We are sharpening our focus on supporting CMI members to make urgent, credible climate strategies and transformative investment to realise the transition towards a net zero emissions economy.

Our objectives

  1. Support our members to make urgent, credible climate strategies and transformative investments

2. Inform discourse about the urgent need to deploy zero and negative emissions technologies and the optimal use of carbon markets

3. Accelerate corporate and industrial emission reductions alongside whole-of-economy reductions and removals

4. Advance high integrity carbon crediting frameworks that deliver enduring co-benefits

5. Develop domestic and international policy for scalable climate action

CMI is governed by a Constitution approved by corporate members with commercial engagement in carbon markets who also elect the board. Associate observer members also participate where appropriate in working group and information sharing processes.