It is of particular importance for government to manage risks associated with government funding of domestic carbon abatement.

Our Current Partners


The Queensland Government has been a proud Government Partner of the Code of Conduct since its inception, and has played a critical role in supporting its early stage development through Code’s initial Foundation Stage.

The Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science is responsible for the Land Restoration Fund (LRF), a $500 million program which is expanding carbon farming in the state by supporting land-sector carbon projects that deliver additional environmental, socio-economic, and First Nations co-benefits.

Carbon service providers must be a Signatory to the ACI Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to access funding through the LRF.


The New South Wales Government is committed to developing a high quality state carbon farming industry, that holds integrity, transparency and accountability at its core.

Working with the New South Wales Government Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, the Code of Conduct, the Administrator and Signatories will play an important role in supporting the implementation of various initiatives within New South Wales’ Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030.

The Code of Conduct will support New South Wales as a third party assurance platform that ensures the local industry can expand and mature at best practice.


The Government of Western Australia is committed to professional and ethical business best practice that enhance the State’s credibility and leadership in Australia’s carbon market.

The Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is responsible for the Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program (CF-LRP), a $15 million program which aims to realise agriculture’s potential to sequester carbon in the landscape and contribute to growing the WA carbon market.

Carbon service providers must be a Signatory to the ACI Code of Conduct in order to be

Partnership Benefits

There is overwhelming sentiment from market and government stakeholders that the existence of the Code is making an important contribution to a well-functioning carbon industry and result in increased transparency and accountability, improved environmental and social integrity of projects, fair treatment of project stakeholders, and enhanced regulatory and legislative compliance.

As the carbon industry continues to grow in Australia, and expands to support Australia’s ongoing commitments under the Paris Agreement, it will be critical for governments and government entities at various levels to ensure the Code and the Code Administrator receive the necessary financial support to efficiently and effectively implement the Code.

Further Benefits

Land owners and other stakeholders in the carbon industry engaging with a Signatory to the Code know that they are engaging with a business that has made a voluntarily commitment to operate at best practice, with compliance to the Code ensured by the Code Administrator.

The Government Partner Status framework below enables Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to formally endorse the Code and support market development as a Government Partner.

    • Outsourcing of a market assurance credibility process to mitigate risk, minimse harm, and provide confidence to the market that best practice is being recognised as a part of the market’s foundation and development;
    • Provision of an independent consumer protection framework for jurisdiction-specific stakeholders (including Native Title holders, natural resource management bodies, land managers and project owners);
    • Improved reputation for your jurisdiction as a carbon farming marketplace with high integrity, transparency and accountability;
    • International and national exposure for your jurisdiction as a best-practice market and destination for scaled carbon investment;
    • Reduce political risk through enabling continuous improvement of the integrity of carbon markets
    • Membership of the Code Administrator’s Government Advisory Committee – providing input into Code Review Panel appointments, the Code’s interaction with policy and legislative frameworks, and consumer protection needs for demand-side and supply-side market participants;
    • Promotion of the State’s/Territory’s role as a Code Partner, including activities across digital/online channels;
    • Use of Government Partner brandmarks and support materials;
    • Option to contribute jurisdiction-specific information to the Code Annual Report;
    • Engagement with the Code Administrator regarding specific use and formal application of the Code to jurisdiction-specific policies; and
    • Jurisdiction-specific education and outreach materials (to be determined in consultation with Partner).

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Government Partner to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, please contact the Administrator via email at (or via the button below) to discuss the specific needs of your jurisdiction.