International Initiatives

As the climate change policy best practice evolves, several initiatives have emerged to support both public and private engagement with the climate transition. There is now a landscape with a patchwork of interacting standards, all supporting a transparent, integrity-driven and nature positive transition to net zero and beyond.

Learn more about key climate, carbon and nature initiatives and guidance frameworks in our International Initiatives Hub below.


As an accredited UN Observer Organisation, CMI leads a delegation of member representatives to the annual climate talks. CMI tracks progress against its key objectives – based in our broader work programme – throughout the two week conference in the Hub.

Explore events, fact sheets, analysis and more from on the ground in Dubai at COP28 below. This content will be updated to reflect CMI’s engagement with COP29 towards the end of 2024.

Fiji National Carbon Market Strategy Roadmap

Fiji’s Climate Change Act (2021) sets out an ambitious legal framework and includes provisions to regulate and oversee its engagement with international carbon markets. An intention to use voluntary cooperation through markets is outlined in Fiji’s Nationally Determined Contribution.

The Office of the Fijian Prime Minister’s Climate Change Division is now in the process of preparing a National Carbon Market Strategy Roadmap to help guide the development of the priorities and objectives that will shape Fiji’s engagement with carbon markets. CMI is supporting with this process.