Protecting Consumers

The Code aims to protect and support carbon industry consumers

The people carbon service providers engage with, including Native Title Holders, representative bodies, land managers and project owners have rights when it comes to participating in carbon reduction or sequestration activities. Get to know your rights, and what you can do if something goes wrong.

Working with Signatories

Look for the Code brandmark whenever you procure carbon services

Code Signatories bearing the Foundation Signatory or Signatory brandmark are supporting best practice, integrity, transparency and accountability in Australia’s carbon industry. Learn how you can become a Signatory to the Code.

Contact the Administrator


Lodge a Complaint

If you need to make a complaint about a Code Signatory, you can do so via the Code Administrator’s website.


Report a Breach

If you suspect that you or another Signatory has breached the Code, you can make a report via the Code Administrator’s website.