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Forest Farm Carbon and Natural Capital Project

Location: New South Wales
Abatement volume: 50,000


Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation, Thargomindah Station

CSP: Climate Friendly Pty Ltd
Location: Queensland
Abatement volume: TBC

This project features a unique carbon finance vehicle with Climate Friendly, and Conscious Investment Management through which the Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation was able to obtain funds to purchase their home Country on Thargomindah station in Southwest Queensland. In September 2023, a project under the Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Event Aged Native Forest - 1.1 method was established. The project will restore the land, and enable Kullilli Bulloo People to practice culture on Country once more, while proceeds from carbon credit sales will contribute to the finance mechanism, and support further enterprise development on the property.


Little Wattlebird Plantation Forestry

CSP: Forico
Location: Tasmania

This project was established in 2022 under Schedule 2 of the Plantation Forestry methodology. It entails a conversion of a short rotation plantation to a long rotation. The project covers 1,960 hectares.


Jawoyn Fire 2 Project

CSP: Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Northern Territory
Abatement volume: 228,397 ACCUs total units issued

Jawoyn Rangers have been caring for country and incorporating customary values and culture with the latest in scientific practice since the late 1990s. Based in Katherine, the rangers manage 16,000 square kilometres of land.


WeAct Forest Aggregation project 1

CSP: We Act
Location: Victoria

This project sequesters carbon by converting an existing short rotation plantation forest to a long rotation plantation forest for commercial harvesting of wood products.


Grounds Keeping Carbon Project

CSP: Agriprove
Location: Victoria
Abatement volume: 1,904 ACCUs Total units issued

This project increases carbon in soil in the grazing system by rejuvenating pastures.


Ploughshare Revegetation

CSP: Greenfleet
Location: Victoria
Abatement volume: 6,825 ACCU total units issued

This project establishes permanent plantings of a mix of native tree species on land that was predominantly used for agricultural purposes for at least five years prior to project commencement.


Thiaki, Atherton Tablelands Reforestation Project

CSP: Biome5
Location: Queensland
Abatement volume: 25,703 Total units issued

Thiaki is part of the largest remaining privately owned rainforest remnant on the Atherton Tablelands.


Delta Blue Carbon Project, Sindh

CSP: Pollination
Location: Pakistan
Abatement volume: 3,100,000 Voluntary carbon credits issued

The project will rehabilitate and restore degraded lands through assisted natural regeneration alongside active replanting.


Tablelands Regional Integrated Agriculture Carbon Project

CSP: CO2 Australia Limited
Location: Queensland

The project is on land that was predominantly used for agricultural purposes for at five years prior to the project’s commencement. Tree species in the project are native to the area, and established in a permanent planting.


South East Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Stage 2 (SEALFA2)

CSP: ALFA (NT) Limited
Location: Northern Territory
Abatement volume: 100,708 ACCUs total units issued

Fire is and has always been the most important tool Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land have used for managing country. Prior to European settlement, the people of Arnhem Land would burn as they traversed their country.

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Biogas Project in Serbia

Location: Serbia
Abatement volume: 28,783 CO2e Estimated Annual Emission Reductions

The project captures methane – one of the most potent greenhouse gasses - from organic waste and the produced renewable energy is utilized as heat and electricity via a cogeneration system improving the air quality of the region and supplying affordable clean energy to the citizens.


Efficient Lighting Project in Rural India

Location: India
Abatement volume: 53,799 tCO2e Annual Emission Reductions

The project is expected to generate a total of 537,990 tCO2e emission reductions over the crediting period of 10 years starting from 2022.


Bonnie Doone Soil Carbon Project

CSP: Carbon Link
Location: Queensland

North Burnett graziers Carly and Grant Burnham commenced a soil carbon project in 2016 in partnership with CarbonLink, covering over 5,275 hectares of their property.

Despite seasonal challenges of dry weather and fluctuating cattle prices, extensive testing and auditing of Bonnie Doone demonstrated the Burnhams’ adoption of new land management practices resulted in the equivalent of 126,222 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission being sequestered into their soils over the five-year reporting period.

In late 2023, the couple were awarded 94,666 Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) by the national Clean Energy Regulator – the largest allocation for an individual soil carbon farming project in Australia to date.


Erskine Park Landfill Gas Project

CSP: Enviroguard Pty Limited
Location: New South Wales
Abatement volume: 230,922 ACCUs total units issued

This project transitioned from a revoked ('CFI') method and continues to capture and combust gas generated at the landfill from legacy and non-legacy waste.