Carbon Conscious Carbon Capture Project 2

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    Western Australia

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Carbon Conscious Investments

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The 11,007ha project area, contained on 21 properties within the Central and Northern Agricultural Regions of Western Australia, is on land previously cleared for dryland cropping and grazing.

Between 2009-2012 the Company planted over 13,000,000 native species mallee (eucalyptus kochii, polybractea, and loxophleba) trees, and on registration under the Carbon Farming Initiative and then Emissions Reduction Fund it committed to the maintenance of the project forest for a minimum 100 years.

The project is registered to continue producing ACCUs until 2039. The Company’s property rights to sequestered carbon are enshrined by: Carbon Rights; Carbon Covenants; and Tree Plantation Agreements.


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Anthony Fitzgerald
Managing Director


144 Northwood Street, West Leederville WA, Australia