Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation, Thargomindah Station

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This project establishes permanent native forests through assisted regeneration from in-situ seed sources (including rootstock and lignotubers) on land that was cleared of vegetation and where regrowth was suppressed for at least 10 years prior to the project having commenced.

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Kullilli Country is spectacular red earth land extending across south-west Queensland and featuring vast floodplains, channels fringed by Gidyea and Eucalypt woodlands and Mulga shrublands.

Following a Native Title Determination in 2014, the Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation (KBRAC) began conversations with carbon farming service provider Climate Friendly, which led to KBRAC becoming an Eligible Interest Holder for seven carbon farming projects in the region.

In late August 2023, KBRAC acquired the 47,100 hectare Thargomindah Station on the Bulloo River, with support from Climate Friendly, and a finance partnership with Conscious Investment Management (CIM). A carbon project has been registered on the property under the Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even Aged Native Forest – 1.1 method, with a permanence period of 25 years. Cassandra Stevens, Director of KBRAC, explains the unique opportunity presented by this project below:

“Thargomindah Station is significant as a place where many of our old people were removed, but it also holds one of our spiritual, and culturally significant sites, which is a burial sandhill. We’ve always strived to maintain the sandhill, never thinking that we would own the property. When the property came up for a quick sale, we scrambled to find support…The outcomes that our community will derive are immeasurable.”

Access the media release on the land purchase here.

Watch a short interview between Cassandra Stevens and Climate Friendly Co-CEO, Skye Glenday below.

A short interview between Cassandra Stevens and Climate Friendly Co-CEO Skye Glenday, filmed at the 10th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit.
Part of the Thargomindah Station property.

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