Ploughshare Revegetation

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    6,825 ACCU total units issued

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This project establishes permanent plantings of a mix of native tree species on land that was predominantly used for agricultural purposes for at least five years prior to project commencement. The tree species are native to the local area.

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“My partner and I bought this bush block five years ago. We were attracted to the property because we could see how you could transform bare cropping land into a lovely, revegetated environment. The idea [of this carbon farming project] is to build a wildlife corridor from the Grampians to Bendigo to attract breeding of the Mallee Fowl, which is endangered.”

“Our purpose is to enjoy it and encourage other landholders to do the same thing [carbon farming]. We have a lot of people we bring here that can’t believe we’ve got our own forest. When we tell them it used to be like next door where it is all bare, they can’t believe it.” Rosie Galea and Mark Reed, Landholders, Wedderburn, Victoria

“The forest is a story, and the story is about biodiversity, about improved water, about less erosion. They are all things that are really important for our landscapes, they are the things that we are trying to achieve, and we know that carbon can drive us to do that.” Michael Coleman, GreenFleet

“I think something like this [carbon farming project] should be attached to every farm. There’s biodiversity value and soil moisture value and retention. It brings increased biodiversity back to farms, allows increased birds, wildlife and insects back to do what they need to do on an ecological basis. This is all really advantageous for farming.” Danny Pettingill, Loddon Plains Landcare Network

Project co-benefits

Sustainable Development Goals

The property was once bare like the property next to it.
We identified what species would have been here naturally, and direct seeded those species.
The eroded topsoil slowly returning as vegetation regrows.
Rows of local species cover this land once again.
The land was infertile with some existing remnant vegetation, it lent itself well to a carbon project.

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Michael Coleman
General Manager Partnerships


level 4/517 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia