Australia’s Carbon Marketplace supports real climate action by providing market participants with the tools to understand and actively engage in the market. It includes important background information on the market, a project registry showcasing carbon projects from around the country, and a market directory of key service providers who can support those seeking to engage in the market.

Market Resources

The Marketplace includes a collection of market resources for participants, providing foundational knowledge on carbon markets, Australia’s domestic schemes and frameworks, information on project types and carbon credit units, and avenues to participate in carbon markets.

Access key information and gain insights into market developments through videos, fact sheets and case studies.

Carbon Project Registry

The Carbon Project Registry is a comprehensive showcase of projects from around the country.

The registry allows users to browse, search, upload projects and learn more about how different projects are delivering real abatement, as well as important environmental, economic and social benefits to communities.

Marketplace Directory

The Marketplace includes a directory where you can search for organisations operating in the climate change business sector, connect with individuals and the services they provide.

Search for organisations operating in Australia’s carbon market. Make sure you’re listed in Australia’s first carbon market directory.

Carbon Farming Industry Roadmap

The Roadmap lays out a national strategic framework outlining how Australia’s carbon farming industry can reach its full economic, environmental and social potential, highlighting the primary actions of key industry stakeholders out to 2030.

Access the latest developments on key actions and progress towards 2030 goals via our interactive Roadmap.