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Working Paper identifies key issues with HIR analysis and suggests ways forward

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Carbon farming industry must triple in scale as well as address challenges and opportunities

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Budget lacks urgency and direction, risks wasting ERF dividend

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Carbon market participants refute sensational accusations

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CMI Response to new analysis regarding carbon abatement methods

NSW’s Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement Program a welcome move to integrate carbon, agriculture and conservation goals

CMI requests postponement of initial CAC exit window

ERF Changes could impact investor & community confidence in growing carbon market

IPCC Report: Stronger policy settings essential to reduce risks and seize economic opportunity amid bleak outlook

Rushed Carbon Credit rule changes “an extraordinary double whammy”: CMI

“Safeguards” proposal would add unnecessary red tape, impact landholder rights

CMI welcomes Labor’s stronger climate targets and policy package, room for more ambition

CMI welcomes arrival of new soil carbon methodology

CMI welcomes new emissions transparency initiative

Carbon farming methodologies in focus – ongoing review and scrutiny important