The Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (Code) is undergoing its second Independent Review to reflect legislative and policy changes as well as addressing evolving industry concerns.

The Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (Code) was introduced on 1 July 2018 by the Carbon Market Institute (CMI). The Code is one of the world’s earliest voluntary, national codes for the carbon industry. It is designed to promote and support market integrity, consumer protection and accountability for industry practitioners and service providers across Australia.

The Independent Review will be led by Vicki Mullen, a Senior Consultant with Finity’s Climate and Sustainability Practice, who will enable stakeholders to have input into the ongoing maturity, development, and integrity of Australia’s carbon industry, as well as provide recommendations on the Code’s future direction and scope.

Ms Mullen is a lawyer with 30 years of experience in public policy and regulatory affairs, including prior experience with industry and professional codes. Ms Mullen will be supported by leading climate actuary, Rade Musulin, and environmental scientist, Olivia Brodhurst.

The Independent Review will be conducted in accordance with the provided Terms of Reference, and is supported by the relevant governance provisions of the Code.

John Connor, CEO of the Carbon Market Institute, says: “The Code was recognised as an important contributor to integrity in the Australian Carbon Credit Unit framework by the Professor Chubb led ACCU Review but needs to continue to evolve and drive best practice beyond basic compliance with legislative responsibilities.”

“The Code plays an important role in protection of consumers, farmers, First Nations and financial institutions and is backed by a team that engages with Code signatories through annual report reviews and other educational activities. This Review is important to ensure the Code remains fit for purpose and consistent with current market developments and community expectations.”

Vicki Mullen, the Reviewer, says: “This Independent Review is commencing at a vital time for the carbon industry in Australia. Major policy developments, including the federal Government’s response to the Chubb Review recommendations and the Safeguard Mechanism reforms have placed a strong spotlight on the carbon industry and the ACCU Scheme.”

“We look forward to engaging with a wide range of market participants and stakeholders to gain feedback on how the Code may be further developed to support the evolution, growth and integrity of Australia’s carbon market.”

The Code currently has 38 signatories, one Industry Supporter (the Clean Energy Finance Corporation) and three Government Partners – being the NSW, Queensland, and Western Australian Governments.


Submissions process:

The Independent Review will receive written submissions until 5pm on Friday 23 of February 2024. Individuals or parties wishing to provide feedback for the Review are invited to address specific matters raised in the Terms of Reference. The Reviewer have also developed a Consultation Paper with guiding questions to assist stakeholders with their feedback. Independent Review information and key resources are available in the Independent Review Page 2023.

Written, video or audio submissions can be sent as well via email to with a cover sheet (PDF version) or can be uploaded via the Independent Review Page 2023.

If you would like to contact or set a meeting directly with the Reviewer, please send us an email to

Closing date for submissions is 23 February 2024.


Consultation documents

Independent Review of ACI Code of Conduct: Terms of Reference

Independent Review of ACI Code of Conduct: Consultation Paper

Independent Review of ACI Code of Conduct: Submission cover sheet

Consultation Sessions (workshops):

The Reviewer will be hosting two consultation sessions for Code Signatories, and for other stakeholders. Participants in these sessions will have an opportunity to engage directly with the Reviewer in relation to matters raised under the Terms of Reference, and to ask questions about, or provide feedback for the Review.

Please register in any of the following sessions if you are a Signatory or interested stakeholder:

  • Consultation Session 1 – Independent Review of ACI Code of Conduct 2023 (Only Code Signatories – Zoom meeting) – Please register here
  • Consultation Session 2 – Independent Review of ACI Code of Conduct 2023 (For stakeholders and market participants – Zoom meeting ) – Please register here


Further Information

Please contact Vicki Mullen at for more information on the Independent Review of the ACI Code of Conduct.


About The Code

The Code is a voluntary industry code hosted by the Carbon Market Institute (CMI). The Carbon Market Institute (CMI) is a member-based institute accelerating the transition towards a negative emissions, nature positive world. CMI launched the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct in 2018, and it is Australia’s world-first carbon market-related consumer protection code of conduct.

The Code aims to:

  • Define industry best practice for Australian carbon market participants including project developers and advisers, and requiring accountability from those participants;
  • Promote consumer protection and transparent and appropriate interaction with landowners, Native Title holders and claimants, and stakeholders;
  • Provide best practice guidance to Code signatories, including training and workshops;
  • Promote market integrity, transparency, and accountability; and
  • Display international leadership in Australia’s carbon market

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