Wongalara Carbon Abatement

Savanna Burning
  • Location

    Northern Territory

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  • Abatement volume

    24,000 ACCUs total units issued

Units generated:

Purchased by:
Private market

Project proponents:
Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Land management activities:
In 2012, a fence built around the property created a 100,000 hectare feral herbivore-free area, with an extra 4,000 hectares added late last year.

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This project involves the strategic and planned burning of savanna areas during the early dry season to reduce the risk of late dry season wild fires. Prescribed burning is intended to break-up country, creating a patchwork of fuel loads of different ages.

This limits the spread of any wildfires later in the year (they go out, or can be put out, when they reach country which was burnt in prescribed operations) and, importantly, ensures that the landscape contains patches of vegetation that is old growth (which many animals need for food and shelter).

Located on the southern edge of Arnhem Land, Wongalara covers over 190,000 hectares of magnificent habitat with the Wilton River running through the property.

Wongalara is the home of significant Top End wildlife including the Hooded Parrot and the Kakadu Dunnart. Threatened and declining species on the property include the Gouldian Finch, Spectacled Hare-wallaby and Northern Brown Bandicoot.

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Andre van Boheemen
Chief Financial Officer


322 Hay St, Subiaco WA, Australia