West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (WALFA) Project

Savanna Burning
  • Location

    Northern Territory

  • Status


  • Abatement volume

    901,075 tonnes CO2-e

Units generated:

Purchased by:
Private market

Since it began in 2006, the WALFA project has been an extraordinary success and is the landscape scale model on which the approved savanna burning methodology is based. Indigenous fire managers and their partners in Arnhem Land have successfully reinstated customary burning practices producing significant social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits for Indigenous landowners.

The WALFA project commenced as a partnership between the Traditional Landowners, the five Indigenous Ranger groups with responsibility for that part of Western Arnhem Land, the NT Government, the Northern Land Council, the Darwin Centre for Bushfires Research and a global oil and natural gas company ConocoPhillips.

The WALFA project was registered by ALFA (NT) Limited as an Eligible Offsets Project in 2014 and is operated by five Indigenous Ranger groups: Djelk Rangers (Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation), Warddeken Rangers (Warddeken land Management Limited), Mimal Rangers (Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation), Jawoyn Rangers (Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation and the Adjumarlarl Rangers (Demed Aboriginal Corporation).