Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Aggregation #1

  • Location

    Western Australia

  • Status


  • Abatement volume

    65,887 ACCUs total units issued

Units generated:

Purchased by:
Private market

Project proponents:
Canopy Nature Based Solutions PTY LTD

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Emissions Reduction Fund Register

This project involved revegetating a landscape that was historically over-cleared. These projects join key areas of protected areas and private lands, creating pathways for threatened species to move through the landscape to the resources they need.

Fitzgerald River and Stirling Range National Parks are world recognised for their biological diversity and richness. These plantings create linkages through the Gondwana Link project that joins people with nature. Indigenous community members have identified the Black Gloved Wallaby as a key species that needs protection, and this is a key part of the work plan.

Project Co-benefits

Sustainable Development Goals