Mount Alfred Reforestation Project

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  • Abatement volume

    100,000 tonnes

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Private market

Project proponent:
Paniri Ventures Pty Ltd

Mount Alfred Station is a 37,580-hectare property located near Wyandra on the west side of the Paroo River, approximately 750 kilometres west of Brisbane. The property has an Emissions Reduction Fund project registered under the ‘human-induced regeneration of a permanent even-aged native forest’ method.

The project is working to assist the regeneration of native forests which have been suppressed by agricultural land uses, such as grazing. Forests are important to the healthy operation of the environment. They provide homes for wildlife, improve water quality, prevent soil erosion, reduce salinity and provide greenhouse benefits.

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Lead Contact

Matthew Warnken
Managing Director


25 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW, Australia