South East Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (SEALFA)

Savanna Burning
  • Location

    Northern Territory

  • Status


  • Abatement volume

    92,022 tonnes CO2-e

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The SEALFA and SEALFA2 projects operates within the South East Arnhem Land Indigenous Protected Area (SEAL IPA). The SEAL IPA encompasses more than 19,000 km2 of Aboriginal freehold land within the Arnhem Land and Urapunga Aboriginal Land Trusts. The SEAL IPA is managed by the Northern Land Council (NLC) which also manages the Numbulwar Numburindi and Yugul Mangi Rangers.

These two Indigenous ranger groups, consisting of Traditional custodians and their families, annually implement a coordinated program of strategic early dry season burning throughout the project area. The high and low rainfall SEALFA projects were registered as Eligible Offsets Projects by ALFA (NT) Limited in 2015.