CSIRO report adds to growing literacy on Australia’s sequestration potential

Quotes attributable to CMI CEO John Connor: 

“We welcome today’s CSIRO report on Australia’s carbon sequestration potential as an important contribution to our growing literacy in this area. It provides scientific backing for carbon sequestration as a vital part of the net zero picture, and equally importantly, net negative emissions beyond that.” 

“It reinforces that Australia can, and should be taking advantage of the range of the range of nature-based solutions at its disposal – as long as they are fit-for-purpose – and consider investing in new methods with proven sequestration potential.” 

“Urgent and steep at-source emissions reductions must be priority, however net zero and net negative ambitions simply won’t be possible without harnessing these nature-based solutions. And while some of these methods and technologies still require improvement and further development, it’s in our collective interest to support this.” 

“As we look ahead to setting a more ambitious 2035 target, these will be vital in allowing us to ‘walk and chew gum’ – removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while accelerating decarbonisation across the economy.” 

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