Max Waters Reforestation Project 2

  • Location

    Western Australia

  • Status


  • Abatement volume

    4,000 tonnes CO2-e every 5 years

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Private market

Max Waters was an enthusiastic and much loved pioneer of reforestation of low-rainfall farmland in Western Australia, and the Title of this project honors his memory.

Mallee and tree-form eucalyptus have been planted strategically through four farms in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, near the towns of Wagin, Quairading and Kojonup, expressly for the purpose of carbon abatement.

The trees are owned by Fares Rural while the surrounding land continues to be farmed by the landholder. 180 hectares of trees have been planted in narrow belts and small blocks.

Credits are generated on the basis of a rigorous and strictly legislated field sampling process.