This session will provide an overview of Australia’s carbon project development activities. It will cover methods and methodology development, co-benefits and landholder engagement, as well as risk management in developing a carbon project. The program will be delivered in three parts:

Part 1 will highlight innovative projects across Australia, with insights on method development and evolution, as well as land sector versus industrial methods.

• Kurt Winter, Carbon Market Institute
• Konrad Muller, Clean Energy Regulator
• Kent Broad, Outback Carbon
• Meggie Zhang, BHP

Part 2 will focus on landholder engagement and co-benefit opportunities including indigenous, nature and biodiversity benefits embodied in carbon project delivery.

• Janet Hallows, Carbon Market Institute
• Geoff Lipsett-Moore, The Nature Conservancy
• Blair Parsons, Greening Australia

Part 3 considers risk management when engaging in carbon projects, with insights on the CMI Code of Conduct, and perspectives from a legal practitioner on legal and contractual considerations.

• Larissa Taylor, Carbon Market Institute
• Liam Pepper, Commonwealth Bank
• Ilona Miller, Gilbert & Tobin
• Janet Hallows, Carbon Market Institute

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