This session will provide a deeper discussion on how businesses can participate in Australia’s domestic and international carbon markets, including some of the more practical elements of engagement. Our introduction will be followed by a high-level discussion on key reforms to support the evolution of Australia’s domestic markets, including the Safeguard Mechanism. This program will be delivered in two parts:

Part 1 will focus on where to start with respect to domestic markets — key issues, relationships, price discovery and negotiations, supporting tools/platforms and market liquidity — as well as considerations around international market engagement when looking to procure international units.

• Raf Wood, Market Advisory Group
• Lloyd Vas, We Act
• Tom Spooner, Shell
• Nadine Mueller, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Part 2 will focus on domestic market reforms with a focus on the transitional exit arrangements for the Emissions Reduction Fund, the development of the Australian Carbon Exchange, and the Commonwealth Government’s Safeguard Mechanism consultation.

• Kurt Winter, Carbon Market Institute
• Mark Gilbert, Clean Energy Regulator
• Edwina Johnson, DCCEEW
• Bret Harper, Reputex

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