The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has published new guidance outlining the fit and proper person status expectations applied to Project Proponents who are Carbon Service Providers (CSPs).

The new guidance signals a minimum standard of expected performance and covers areas such as:

  • not engaging in false, misleading or inappropriate behaviour;
  • providing clear, fair and appropriate contract terms;
  • providing timely transfer of payments of ACCUs;
  • ensuring good systems and processes are in place for meeting reporting, monitoring and record keeping requirements;
  • ensuring they remain current on the legal obligations of participation; and
  • being honest and proactive in communicating issues with the agency.

The guidance also notes the CER’s support for the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct as an additional layer of integrity that can help to build confidence in the industry.

Click below to see the CER’s fact sheet on its ‘fit and proper person’ test, and how it interacts with the Code.

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