CMI Update

Variously feeling like an eternity or a flash, we’re halfway through 2020. Hard to conceive what fresh calamities could beset us in the next six months! What this year should bring home is that crises are rarely polite or come in single file. Opportunities also don’t normally come at the most convenient of times.

In the midst of COVID and climate crises, and while the Royal Commission investigates our last tragic bushfire season, there is an opportunity for Australia to accelerate an economic transition. Like others, we made our submission on the Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper with recommendations based on four themes, namely that the Australian Government should:

1. Set the Roadmap’s vision to require a destination – net-zero emissions by 2050;
2. Evolve policies to leverage private investment;
3. Integrate criteria for employment, social, environmental and decarbonisation outcomes;
4. Expand CEFC and ARENA’s funding and mandate to also support emerging (non-renewable) net-zero emission technology development.

Our Carbon Conversations have highlighted emerging challenges as well as opportunities aplenty that can be accelerated with good policy and strategic public/private investment. The Conversations have just started an excellent series on participating in Australia’s carbon markets to meet corporate climate goals. This series will give you insights from practitioners and professionals leading the transition to net-zero emissions.

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Stay safe,
John Connor
Carbon Market Institute

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