South Pole calls for businesses to align around new future-proof green claim

South Pole calls for businesses to align around new future-proof green claim: Funding Climate Action


  • South Pole launches a new climate claim, Funding Climate Action (FCA) and a related label, to provide companies with a transparent pathway to scaling up climate investment today.
  • With increased scrutiny on carbon neutral claims companies are under unprecedented pressure to authentically communicate their climate goals to make good on commitments – but need to be able to claim green efforts with confidence and transparency.
  • Tested with companies, leading NGOs and policy experts and in-line with the upcoming Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative’s Claim Code, the FCA enables companies to invest in verified mitigation contributions to cover residual carbon emissions, while declaring genuine green credentials.
  • In a recent poll of 1,500 consumers across Europe and the US, 84% of participants say they are more likely to buy a product with the South Pole’s ‘Funding Climate Action’ label and 78% say they trust that the label means credible climate action has been taken.
  • An early pioneer of enabling corporate climate action, South Pole knows companies are more likely to invest in mitigation beyond their value chain if they can take credit for their green strides which is why the new claim was publicly praised in the SBTi’s recent Beyond Value Chain Mitigation consultation launch.

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