Rob Waterworth

Rob has extensive experience and expertise in land sector monitoring and management, with a focus on greenhouse gas estimation and policy development. He has a deep understanding of the requirements of and relationships between policy, technical systems and the role of research. Rob worked from project to national scales, designing and developing a several operational land sector inventories, emissions projections systems and technical processes for nesting projects within national systems to support emissions trading. Rob has authored several papers on monitoring systems and in 2007 was part of the team awarded the Eureka Prize, Australia’s premier science prize, for work in developing integrated remote sensing and ground data systems.

Rob is currently leading the development of new international monitoring tools for forestry and agriculture, including FLINTpro, the world’s first SaaS-based integration and reporting system. These tools are designed to maximise the utility of remote sensing data and improve the accessibility and quality of information that can support policy development and improve land management.