Joshua Thaisen

  • Senior Program Officer, Forest Carbon Innovation, Verra
  • Social media

As Senior Program Officer, Forest Carbon Innovation at Verra, Joshua is responsible for developing and integrating tech-enabled solutions across forest carbon methodologies and the VCS Program. He also has an external facing role working with project stakeholders to introduce and validate new methodologies that leverage remote-sensing and dynamic performance benchmarks.

Prior to joining Verra, Joshua gained broad carbon market experience working alongside industry leaders in Australia and Southeast Asia, developing AFOLU projects, methodologies, and portfolio management strategies aimed at unlocking large-scale investment into NCS innovation. Much of this effort was underpinned by a central body of work, designing and implementing digital monitoring, reporting, and verification (D-MRV) frameworks to improve the overall accessibility and long-term value of nature-based carbon credits.

In addition to experience in carbon, Joshua previously worked in agricultural development, holding positions at Fairtrade and Ag-tech companies in Australia operating at the forefront of sustainable food and fiber production. Observing the supply chain and production vulnerabilities across a variety of vital agricultural sectors was salient in forming Joshua’s early beliefs in the ability of climate mitigation to play a central role in the design of sustainable land management practices. Several years on, these experiences have translated into a deep passion and commitment to drive innovation, integrity, and inclusion at every level of the global carbon market ecosystem.

In his spare time, you will find Joshua enjoying a quiet coastal lifestyle, raising a young family on the South Coast of Australia, and tending to his garden.