Ilona Millar

Ilona is a partner in Gilbert + Tobin’s Banking + Projects group, specialising in Climate Change and Sustainability. She previously headed the climate change group of a global law firm and has worked for over 20 years on climate law and finance, including the development of law and policy and its implementation by both governments and the private sector. This experience extends to complex multi-jurisdictional transactions as well as the development of innovative responses to climate change and sustainability problems.

Ilona has worked extensively on the development of carbon contracts, carbon funds and carbon transactions in both the compliance and voluntary markets. She also has a deep expertise in advising on natural sinks and forest based carbon transactions as well as on geological sequestration and the legal frameworks for carbon capture and storage. More recently she has been leading work exploring the role of hydrogen in transitioning to a low carbon economy.

Ilona’s experience also extends to all aspects of environmental law and policy and she has a strong background in all aspects of natural resource management, planning and projects. Ilona currently serves as a board member of the Natural Resources Access Regulator, an independent body which oversees natural resources compliance in NSW. She is also a former commissioner of the NSW Independent Planning Commission which reviews and determines state significant development proposals.