Bernadette Howlett

  • Executive Officer, Palladium
  • Social media

Over my 30+ year career, I have worked to have a material impact. My personal purpose is to know that many lives have breathed easier because I have lived. I strive to help our society, our teams and ourselves to be at our best. I have driven transformational change in 60+ enterprise and industry defining engagements across my clients in Financial Services, Transport and Tourism as well as Industrial markets. My work focuses predominately on growth.

I work to create a more sustainable social, environmental and economic context for us all. In leading teams I work to tackle complex change and to make change real. During my career, I’ve thrived when pursuing new frontiers, creating opportunities for market change and when capturing the hearts and minds of others along the way to make an enduring difference.

My aspiration is to amplify my impact beyond the boundaries of the markets I know from my strategy and transformation experience to-date and to enable that experience to travel. I work to share that experience with others in new markets and in doing so bring economic growth, sustainability and social impact to as many people as I can.