Allan Cooney

  • CEO, The North Australian Pastoral Company
  • Social media

An experienced Chief Executive Officer combining strategic and situational management with high order people management skills in difficult, emerging and fluid environments where decisions need to be made and critical judgement is required.

A personable and empathetic leader, motivator and team builder. Likes to build motivated high-performance teams from diverse disciplines and backgrounds by focusing on clarity of purpose, shared vision, and well-articulated strategic objectives.

Cut his executive teeth in agri-business in his family farming enterprise which he took over at a young age
Followed by ten years from 2001 to 2011 in consulting and executive roles enabling regional and remote economic development and business growth.

This was followed by high-profile leadership in Antarctica and a Chief Executive Officer appointment in Agribusiness Marketing.

Became expert in situational management, particularly focused on leadership, business and innovation development. The outcome of which was the establishment of two NT new economies (desert horticulture & commercial emission mitigation) including three successful businesses and a whole stable of totally new business strategies, processes and systems.

Comfortable working at the Chief Executive Officer level in any commercial and public setting as a progression of a diverse career as a generalist across a variety of sectors. This includes 70% of his working life in his own businesses, plus time in the public sector and multiple C-Suite and boardroom appointments in the private and NFP sector. This diversity is truly unique and includes widely divergent elements like an iconic leadership role in Antarctica and as a successful exhibiting artist.

“I work best at the strategic level, managing managers, enabling and developing the skills of a team who are able to achieve collective results only available to truly functional teams.”