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Robert Waterworth


Level 6, 14 Moore St, Canberra, 2601

FLINTpro is a software tool that empowers organisations to better understand and effectively manage land-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. FLINTpro simplifies the processing of large and complex data sets, applies the latest scientific and analytical models, and runs advanced simulations. FLINTpro communicates the results in visually compelling ways to policy-makers, stakeholders and scientific program teams.

In summary, FLINTpro turns complex carbon science and data into easy to understand facts for positive climate action, land management, ESG reporting, and it can guide your land related investment decisions.

With FLINTpro you get carbon reports and detailed land related data analysis, plus calculation and prediction tools helping you to measure carbon emissions resulting from changes to land use, agriculture, forestry and even supply-chain.

FLINTpro empowers organisations to develop in-house capability and gain better control of the levers impacting their carbon footprint. Or, let our team of experts produce the reports and information you need to meet your company and regulatory requirements.

Fast track your #netzerocarbon journey today using FLINTpro.