Evolution Trustees

Market Adviser CMI member

Lead Contact

Rupert Smoker


1 York Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

Founded in 2016 to create a corporate trustee whose focus was on providing market leading client service through expertise, professional passion and modern infrastructure.

Evolution Trustees provide fiduciary services to major domestic and international institutions including pension funds, insurance companies, banks and global asset management firms.  We work with top tier lawyers, international fund administrators and advisors to develop compliant Australian fund structures. We have a razor sharp focus on supporting investment managers in achieving positive outcomes for the long term wealth of the people whose money we take care of.

Our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) enables us to provide financial services to wholesale clients in respect of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) and Eligible International Emission Units. We support several landowning structures that have the potential for, or are pursuing, ACCU generation. We also work with asset managers closely involved in the carbon markets and ancillary private investments in related industry.

We continually aim to improve and streamline systems and processes to provide our clients with market leading service levels.

Evolution Trustees’ Melbourne office: 330 Collins St, Melbourne VIC, Australia.