Join our national climate change & business network

We’re working with our growing network of corporate and associate members to help business manage the risks and seize opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy

  • Market Intelligence

    We regularly share with members our deep insights on policy and markets, and intelligence from meetings and brie ngs with key politicians and bureaucrats on national climate policy, and developments in sub- national jurisdictions. Members also gain access to briefing notes, monthly webinars, keynote presentations; and our fortnightly members update Carbon Copy.

  • International Engagement

    We act as the key conduit to Australian business on international climate change and business developments and how they impact Australian business. We provide updates, research and analysis of opportunities in the Indo-Pacific Region; facilitate carbon market developments and interaction; and build on key relationships with the UNFCCC, the World Bank and IETA. We also help corporate members engage with the international community through our strategic partnerships with other market-based organisations around the world, as well as offering corporate members the opportunity to attend the UNFCCC Climate Change Summit as part of our CMI-led Australian business delegation – the largest of its kind at the Conference of Parties (COP) each year.

  • Industry Events (in-person events postponed due to COVID-19)

    The Institute maintains a strong calendar of industry events, led by our flagship event, the Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit. Our in-person events are supplemented by virtual forums and our weekly ‘Carbon Conversations’ – Friday conversations with market leaders, giving our members access to the laters insights and intelligence on a range of topics. We also host national and international leaders for breakfasts and roundtables as well as convening sector specific workshops, national roadshows, member-only working groups and informal member drinks.

  • Access to the Members Portal

    Our Members Portal gives you access to a library of global reports and media, as well as the Institute’s Carbon Conversations, webinars, keynotes, presentations, briefing notes, blog and professional development resources that you can access anytime, anywhere.

  • Commercial Interaction

    Our membership spans a broad cross section of Australian industry, and companies within the network are connecting to buy and sell low carbon solutions and transform the way the do business. More and more, CMI corporate members are doing business with each other, and understanding the full climate & business ecosystem – including professional and legal services, energy and technology solutions, carbon neutral products, finance and investment offerings, and domestic and international abatement supply.

  • Policy & Market Working Groups

    The Institute brings together corporate members with key government and industry representatives, highlighting through discussion the solutions needed in different sectors to manage the risks and take advantage of opportunities in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Carbon Project Development Group

We bring together carbon project development actors across both supply and demand sides of the market, to build connections and networks; determine strategies to ensure continued market growth and sustainability; and identify ways to increase demand for domestic abatement. Together with Australian project developers, professional and legal services, researchers, technology providers and financiers we’ve developing a roadmap for the future of Australia’s Carbon Farming Industry.

Corporate Climate Change Group

We connect a network of invited corporate members, forming a community of practice for those with primary responsibilities for driving key components of the their respective corporate response to climate change. Convened under chatham house rules, our members share knowledge, insights and successful strategies, and to discuss contemporary challenges and approaches in managing the climate change agenda.

Domestic Policy Group

We convene members to support voluntary market activity across the country, to ensure that business can optimise its position and build internal capacity for a future where compliance markets will impose some liability on companies. In an era of Australian climate policy uncertainty, the Institute is promoting awareness of, and engaging with voluntary market initiatives to help members take a leadership role on climate action.

International Carbon Markets Group

We help members understand the impact and opportunities arising from international developments and what it mean for Australian business. This group discussion enables CMI to provide vital business input into Australia’s policy and markets position in international fora including UNFCCC COP negotiations on Article 6, and into discussions with key trading partners in the Asia Pacific region and further afield.

Our corporate and associate members