Validation Workshop for the National Carbon Market Strategy Roadmap

International Stakeholder Engagement
  • Date
    25 Mar 2024
  • Status
  • Location
    Suva, Fiji

A validation workshop for Fiji’s National Carbon Market Strategy Roadmap was held on 25 March 2024 in Suva, Fiji. Led by the Fiji Climate Change Division (CCD) through an 18-month consultative process, with support from the Australian Government and the Carbon Market Institute,  the draft roadmap was developed through multi-stakeholder workshops, small group discussions and research-based assessments.

Before the validation workshop, the draft roadmap was published on the CCD’s website and shared with the Advisory Group and stakeholders for comments and feedback. Additionally, a survey was conducted to gather stakeholder inputs. The validation workshop brought together 70 stakeholders to review the draft strategy roadmap, focusing particularly on the guiding principles and the Action Plan. For further information about the workshop,  visit the CCD website.