AER Summit

October 25 – 26 | In Person & Online


For nearly a decade, the annual Australasian Emissions Reduction (AER) Summit has been an important forum for discussion on climate and regional realities, as well as the investment required for a just and inclusive transition to a net zero economy.

Our hybrid Summit attracts over 1200 delegates and more than 100 speakers. The Summit brings together all market participants, a broad spectrum of national and international business leaders and professionals, as well as leaders from all levels of Australian government.


The Carbon Market Institute’s inaugural Symposium recognised the ten year anniversary of the start of the Carbon Pricing Mechanism, initiating a decade of national carbon markets.

The event was an important moment to reflect on the history of Australian Climate Policy, but also to galvanise for what is a vital pivot point for the future of Australian business and emissions.

Safeguard Mechanism industrial emissions reform

The Federal Government plans to tighten Safeguard Mechanism emission constraints for large industrial facilities by mid 2023. CMI and RepuTex have released a Research Paper highlighting key decisions facing the reform process.

The Research Paper, ‘Potential Futures for Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism‘, examines four options to align covered emissions with net-zero emissions by 2050, including a fast trajectory to net-zero emissions by 2040.

Code of Conduct

Australia’s world-first climate-related consumer protection code of conduct has moved to full operation, committing the nation’s national carbon industry to higher standards of integrity, transparency and accountability than ever before. 

From 1 July 2021, the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct will expand its powers to handle and investigate consumer complaints; monitor and audit the activities of its 22 carbon service provider Signatories, and take enforcement action against those organisations that deliberately mislead or disadvantage their clients in the community.