Jenny Sinclair

  • Chief Science Officer, GreenCollar
  • Social media

Jenny is an experienced biodiversity and natural resource specialist with extensive research, project development and management experience with both traditional and incentive-based conservation programs. She currently oversees GreenCollar’s R&D and Technical Services Division and coordinates research collaborations with a number of universities, government departments and CSIRO to facilitate research on natural resource management and climate change mitigation. She has carried out research in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments on a diverse range of projects and has knowledge and expertise in ecosystem services, environmental accounting, evolution, landscape function, natural capital, and nature-based solutions.

Jenny is responsible for the implementation of GreenCollar’s Project Services which delivers Australia’s largest portfolio of land sector abatement, the first Reef Credit projects and Australian plastic offsets projects. She also co-chairs the CMI Landscape Taskforce and has authored a number of methods under the ERF, Reef Credit Standard and Accounting for Nature Standard. She has worked with indigenous communities to improve natural capital and ecosystem resilience in the Eastern Mexican Ranges, the Kimberley and Central Australian Rangelands and has coordinated biodiversity and conservation programs in Australia and Antarctic and subantarctic territories. She is an experienced ecologist and environmental accounting expert with an extensive portfolio of research. She holds an Honors Degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a PhD from Macquarie University. Jenny lives in Tasmania with her family and also runs Cape Bernier, an award-winning vineyard overlooking Marion Bay on Tasmania’s SE coast.