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Madeleine Harris


Level 1/140 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA, Australia

RegenCo is one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, specialising in agricultural productivity, land management and carbon projects
Since 2019, RegenCo has worked with Australian landholders to develop natural capital regeneration and carbon farming projects that diversify income, and secure long-term food supply while also increasing environmental resilience.

As a group of pastoralists, grazing land management specialists and scientists with over 100 years combined experience working with the land, our team has first-hand experience of the unique challenges farmers face.

RegenCo is committed to a shared ownership model that helps landholders meet their social, environmental and economic goals through natural capital and carbon farming projects.

Our approach ensures landholders are front and centre and able to maximise productivity through biodiversity and land regeneration projects, which in turn diversify revenue streams.

We reinforce this work with our leading technology platform, Enviro-Tech, which supports real-time, evidence-based decision-making. It is flexible and agile and we will continue to partner, invest and grow with landholders so they can profit today and tomorrow.

Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct Signatory

Signatories to the Code demonstrate to the industry that they are committed to developing and operating in an industry that is built on community trust, transparency, accountability, social and environmental integrity, and is in compliance with the law.

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