Re-Gen Ecosystems

Project Developer Carbon Service Provider

Lead Contact

Callam Reynolds
Founding Director


Coongulla VIC, Australia

Re-Gen Ecosystems provides professional consultancy and project management services for the development of ecological restoration, revegetation, forestry and carbon projects for property managers, businesses, corporations and organizations to assist them in meeting their land management goals.
We are committed to providing tailored, high quality and high integrity services for the effective delivery of projects that align with clients goals, provide a return on investment, improve livelihoods and enhance the health of ecosystems.
With 15 years experience in natural resource management and nature-based livelihoods, Founding Director Callam Reynolds offers his expertise, proven portfolio of successful projects and an adaptable approach to working towards the goals of clients.
Re-Gen Ecosystems is committed to delivering results that align with best practices of today’s carbon market regulation in order to advance positive market-based outcomes into the future. We are dedicated to the effective and responsible scaling-up of Nature-Based Solutions to transition towards a decarbonised economy and healthy biosphere.