Australia’s carbon farming industry is well positioned to make a significant contribution to our national emissions reduction challenge. This rapidly evolving industry has the potential to deliver important environmental outcomes, help to increase agricultural productivity, and open up new markets – generating important new job and revenue opportunities for rural and regional Australia.

The Carbon Farming Industry Roadmap envisions a vibrant domestic carbon farming industry that contributes significantly to Australia’s economy, community and climate repair. By 2030 the sector will:

  • create jobs and revenue for regional communities;
  • contribute significantly to Australia’s net-zero emissions trajectory; and
  • enable a range environmental, social and cultural benefits.

Explore the roadmap

The interactive Australian Carbon Farming Industry Roadmap identifies a clear path forward for both government and the private sector to work together, addressing opportunities and challenges for the industry’s growth out to 2030. We invite you to add your organisation’s activities to the roadmap. Help us showcase successes, achievements and the sector’s maturity to-date.

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  • Land valuations to incorporate benefits from carbon farming projects into capital asset values.
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  • Banks and insurers to introduce new financial products to de-risk carbon farming investment and incentivise positive land management practices.
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  • Heavy emitters offset emissions liabilities by establishing long term supply contracts for land sector credits.
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The latest version of the roadmap

With regular updates and industry progress tracked by CMI, the Australian Carbon Farming Industry Roadmap remains a live and active tool that supports cross-sectoral communication, engagement, collaboration and investment in the growth of this important industry.