Nick Ping

  • Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Manulife Investment Management
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A private assets, natural resources and institutional investment management professional with more than 20 years experience, and a deep foundation in investment fundamentals, modelling and analysis. Highly developed interpersonal skills, and an effective communicator at all organisational levels, having worked productively with staff, executives and boards across a diverse range of cultural and national backgrounds.

Grounded by my strong background in analytics, I have developed complex operating and financial models for valuable unlisted assets. This experience has served to support my success in raising capital from institutional clients throughout the Asia Pacific, and successfully developing and maintaining long-term productive relationships with a diverse group of institutional clients and stakeholders.

I am an accomplished leader who has successfully led teams through periods of substantial change, including the integration of newly acquired businesses into existing investment structures, organizational restructures, and the sale of existing businesses to new owners.

I am highly qualified, and motivated to pursue and continue my professional development. I am also passionate about mentorship, collegial support for my team members and working with them to grow and develop their own skillsets.