Ground Truth Australia Case Study

The Ground Truth Australia Project revolutionises the orchards growing sector in Australia
through the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices.

Covering over 45 orchards from Shepparton to Bundaberg, this project generates carbon credits
for both emissions avoided and sequestered (removed) under Verra VM0042: Methodology for
Improved Agricultural Land Management.

In partnership with Carbon Friendly, this network of Australian Orchards has embarked on a
complete review of all on-farm activities and practices to reduce emissions, improve carbon
sequestration and preserve biodiversity and ecosystem services. To achieve this, farmers
implement a series of practice changes such as:

  • A reduced reliance on synthetic fertilizer through the application of compost and
    incorporation of biological ameliorants
  • The establishment of mixed species inter-row cover crops
  • The enhanced recycling of crop residues and pruning material within orchards.
  • Improved waste management and repurposing

The Rullo Family and the Kalafatis Family run two farms involved in the project. Their apple,
pear and plum orchards have focused on practice changes such as increasing tree density and
mulching green waste.

Across its 17,000ha the project will generate 4Mt CO2-e of carbon credits over 20 years,
delivering significant environmental benefits as well as providing an alternative income stream
for the farmers.

Watch a short video overview of the project here.