Dr. Riza Suarga

  • President & CEO, Agraus Resources | Chairman, Indonesia Carbon Trade Association
  • Social media

DR. Suarga earned his Bachelors degree from Ohio University in Economics double majored in Mechanical Engineering, received special Rector’s Scholarships for his Master in Management from Trisakti University, his PhD in Resource Management and Anthropology from University of Indonesia, and took Digital Disruption advance course from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He has written numerous articles and books about forestry and how to combat illegal logging, while he is also listed as a special lecturer of Trisakti University. He is the initiator of “Saving Our Tomorrow”, an initiative to make Indonesia the prominent savior of the Earth through pipeline of carbon projects. His experience managing large scales forestry and carbon projects among others are sustainable forest management of PT. Selaras Inti Semesta (Medco Papua) in Merauke Papua; to restoration and conservation of Sumatra Merang Peatland Project (PT. Global Alam Lestari) in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera. He was the first Chairman of Carbon Team formed by Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires, then lead Standardization and Certification Permanent Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Sustainable Consumption and Production. His later task was appointed as the Vice Chairman of Eastern Indonesia Economic Council, while together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry he formed Ecolabel Desk. Beside being the Chairman of Indonesia Carbon Trade Association, he is now also belong to Ministry’s Board of Experts of Technical Committee for Environmental Friendly Technology Verification and Special Committee for Public Facility Services Standard. He believes that managing natural resources most challenging responsibilities are social issue resolutions where apparently what he has spent most of his concentration on.