The Carbon Farming Foundation

Carbon Service Provider CMI Associate Member

Lead Contact

Sarah Heldsinger
Chief Operating Officer


43b Town View Terrace, Margaret River WA, Australia

The Carbon Farming Foundation (CFF) was built on the belief that farmers are the heroes of achieving net-zero emissions globally.

Getting carbon flowing through an existing farm system is a huge opportunity to achieve carbon neutrality, boost a farm’s bottom line and enhance the productivity of soils, crops, and paddocks. Ultimately, we want to see healthier landscapes, and more money in a farmer’s pocket.

Because we think farmers deserve to be rewarded for continually progressing towards more sustainable and efficient production and ultimately for leading the world towards net-zero.

Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct Signatory

Signatories to the Code demonstrate to the industry that they are committed to developing and operating in an industry that is built on community trust, transparency, accountability, social and environmental integrity, and is in compliance with the law.

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