Third ERF Auction Results Announced: Weighted Average Price of $10.23 p/t

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From the website of the Clean Energy Regulator

The third Emissions Reduction Fund auction was held on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 April 2016.​

​​ ​​At that auction the Clean Energy Regulator:​

  • Committed to purchase 50 471 310 tonnes of abatement ​on behalf of the Commonwealth.
  • The average price per tonne ​of abatement is $10.23.
  • 73 contracts were awarded.​
  • Contracts were awarded to 33 contractors covering 73 projects.
  • The total value of contracts awarded at this auction is $516 177 598.
  • The largest single contract is for 15 million tonnes of abatement and the smallest is for 5383 tonnes of abatement.