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Through the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the Queensland Government is committed to managing the impacts of climate change in a responsible and cost-effective manner, with a particular responsibility for the conservation and protection of the Great Barrier Reef.


  • Reach zero net emissions by 2050 with an interim target of a minimum 30% reduction on 2005 levels by 2030 as seen in their Climate Transition Strategy.
  • Generate 50% of energy from renewable sources by 2050.
  • A CarbonPlus Fund of $8.4 million to support and expand the carbon farming industry.]
  • The Advance Queensland initiative (Biofutures 10-year Roadmap and commitment to an Electric Vehicle strategy).
  • A $3 million Climate Adaptation Strategy.
  • $12 million over 3 years to help coastal communities plan and prepare for climate change impacts.
  • One million solar rooftops by 2020.Support investment through government issued Green Bonds.

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